Hoi An

We arrived at Danang airport in autumn and took a mailinh taxi to Hoi An, which is about 30 minutes by car. Hoi An is a fantastic city that has maintained its original buildings and simply upgrades the inside of the buildings. So it is very much similar to visiting a heritage where everything seems untouched for hundreds of years.

Japanese bridge in Hoi An town

Naturally this is a magnet for tourists and the environment is set up for tourists with many small cafes and good restaurants scattered all over town.

Ancient house

We bought a house ticket and visited many interesting but private houses where the owners explained about the history. We were very impressed to find out that it mostly was their ancestors’ house and that the houses have been in the family for hundreds of years. Many pictures explained the history and portrait paintings of ancestors where usually placed on the house alter.

Hoi An street

When in Hoi an you should walk around and see all the house and of course also the famous bridge, it is magnificent especially at night.

Capenter workshop in Hoi An

Hoi An also have beaches to offer, we went about 20 minutes south of town and found very adequate beaches and resorts where they served excellent fresh seafood.

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