Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal town located between Danang and Ho Chi Minh City, it is about 300km from HCM so going by plane or train is the best. If you go by tain you will pass Muine on the way, which is absolutely worth a visit as well. We have visited Nha Trang a few times and fine it a very nice place, it is a very active town with a lot of tourism and tremendous beaches and recreational possibilities.

Nha Trang has plenty of dive shops, restaurants, hotels and very good transport systems, so an ideal place to be for relaxation and a favorite place for foreigners to visit. In Nha Trang we visited the Mud bath, Vin Pearl Island and the Night market. The Mud bath was excellent, we eally enjoyed the relaxing hot mud and the refreshing mineral water and even the visit took 3 hours, we did not feel this was too long. It is something we would like to try again.

Vin Pearl Island is connected to Nha Trang via a cable cart, the island is an amusement park with many activities such as rollercoaster, gaming hall, Aquarium swings, huge water slides etc. It also have the best beach in Nha Trang, the sand there Is the finest we have seen in Nha Trang area and completely free of any stones and jelly fish. We found Vin Pearl island a perfect place to visit for a full day tour as you will also find many good restaurants there.

The night market seems to have been created for tourists and don’t really offer the authentic market, but worth a visit as you can find souvenirs there that are better prices than shops.

Also remember to visit the many restaurants, they are very differently priced for same dish, so one way to find out is to ask price for a kilo of prawns to get an idea and remember to make sure all prawns and crabs are alive before they are prepared.

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